back in the game

I can not believe the Summer is already over. The kids have started school and both of them are loving it! Yes, you read that right, even Jamie likes his school, loves his new teacher and actually finishes his homework at school so he doesn't have to do it at home. There's absolutely no complaining when he needs to read his 20 minutes! I'm stunned and I hope it will last.

Over the Summer I had lots of reviews/giveaways to do but for all kinds of reasons I didn't write as many as I would have liked and therefore I'm way behind and am turning down some review opportunities.

Since last week I've been cleaning up the house, organizing closets, bathrooms etc, and now I feel great. I LOVE to de-clutter. I feel so much more organized and energized and I'm going to catch up on all my reviews. In the next couple of days you will see lots of reviews/giveaways coming your way.

Well, we're getting ready for soccer (although it looks like it's going to rain super hard and it might get canceled) and then a back-to-school for Jamie's school.
Too bad for the interruption as I was on a roll with my writing.

I'm back in the game!

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