Tinytongs: review and discount

I want to introduce to you Tinytongs.
Tinytongs...the easy way for kids to eat!

About Tinytongs:
tinytongs™ was founded in 2008 by Carys Bice. With three children under the age of five, Carys spent countless hours at the dining room table watching her children drop more food onto the floor than into their mouths. She also watched them become increasingly frustrated trying to use standard utensils when the use of their fingers, unfortunately, would be easier. Looking for a solution in her kitchen, Carys thought tongs would be an ideal solution to make mealtime more successful, less messy and more enjoyable for everyone. After launching a search to find the right utensil suitable for tiny hands and finding a void in the marketplace for any such product, she and her husband Justin developed tinytongs. The innovative, safe eating utensil is designed to grip food and keep it in place and provides for an easier way for children to get small bites of food into their mouths.

I was send a pink pair of the Tinytongs and I have to say I was skeptical at first. To me it looked more like something Abby would play with but I was wrong. When we set the table and get ready for lunch or dinner Abby will go get her Tinytongs. She feels very comfortable with them and makes way less mess than with a fork or spoon.

The Tinytongs are non-toxic, dishwasher safe, lead free, BPA free and Phthalate free.
The whole design has been designed with smaller kids in mind and I'm loving it.
Not only does Abby love it to eat with them, she also uses them to pick up her play-food when she's cooking in her little kitchen!

Age Rage: 12+ months-5+ years
Recommended retail: $7.99
Size: 5" in length
Available colors: pink, purple, orange and green
Retailer details: Tinytongs are for sale online @ www.tinytongs.com and at specialty juvenile products stores nationwide.

Tinytongs has very generously offered a 20% off to my readers. Use the code alitm20 at check-out.
Thanks Tinytongs!
"Disclaimer: I was send a pair of Tinytongs to test and review. These are my opinions and might differ from others. I was not compensated in any other way"

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