Sensa discount!

Do you have a couple of pounds to lose or a lot? Have you tried all the diets out there just like me? Are you dreading the holidays food-wise?

If you want to lose some pounds now or in January as a New Year's resolution, then don't hesitate and use the below promotion code to get a discount on Sensa!
I'm already planning to get my body ready and in shape by July next year. That's when we're finally going home to England and Belgium to see our families again. My resolution is to have reached my goal by then and Sensa is helping me to get there.

I started my Sensa journey together with my husband in September and you can follow our results in the weight loss section on top of my blog.
I just can not believe how easy the process is. Give it a try!

For a 15% discount on your total Sensa order, use the code RXL1 at check-out!

You're still not convinced? Go check out some of the success stories on the site! In a couple of months both my husband and myself will be one of those stories!

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