A whole new bedroom

As you read before, we're finally done with all the sanding and staining.
We moved in all the furniture last night and I decorated the room today, in between Abby's morning and afternoon nap. Still one shelf to go but have to wait till my husband is home as it's a big, heavy shelf and I don't want to ruin my wall by trying to do it myself.
I promised you some pictures, so here we go:
Abby absolutely loves her room and loves to sleep in her "big" bed. We haven't had any problems and she doesn't come out of her bed (fingers crossed on that one).
Notice the monkeys on the wall? I have a whole review coming up on them, keep your eyes open for tomorrow, you will be amazed!
Well, need to start cooking dinner, talk to you soon!


A Family Completed... said...

love it adore the monkeys! You did awesome job!

Jackie said...

You did a fantastic job! I love it. The monkeys are adorable and the bed is so cute!

Heather said...

Too cute!!

KatiesKreations said...

Ann, it's adorable!!! VERY creative! :)

Sarah Berry said...

The room is great! I love the monkeys and can not wait for the review!