The Creative Individual Company to the rescue

As you have probably seen in my earlier post, Abby's room has been transformed!! 
I know, my little baby has grown into a little "big" girl. I don't want her to be a "big" girl just yet!
We've been sanding and painting all last weekend, but her furniture is finished and her room decorated.
Here's the result:
Notice the cutest monkeys ever???
Well, they are from a company called The Creative Individual
This is one of the coolest companies out there in my opinion. You are going to be amazed by some of the murals they have! 
Ever since Lisa (my oldest) was born I wanted to have somebody come in and paint a mural on her wall, but I couldn't afford some of the prices and then ultimately I let it go. Well, in the meantime we've moved countries, so maybe better that we didn't do it as I couldn't have taken the wall with me.
So for all you parents out there that are thinking about getting a mural, but want something affordable and re-usable (yes, you heard it right!), check out The Creative Individual!

Here are some of their paste-up murals, I could have put a lot more examples up but there's too many, you need to look for yourself!
How fantastic are these finished walls???
The custom painted look of CIC painted kids murals, are now available as CIC PASTE-UP Murals.....Now you can add that extra special touch of fun, color, and magic to your nursery and home....with the convenience of a print.
The"CIC PASTE-UP Murals" are printed on a textured canvas-like vinyl wall covering, which is very durable, easy-to-apply, vibrant, scrubbable, and will last for many years to come. They are removable and reuseable and will not tear.They also meet & exceed ASTM-E84 & NFPA286 Fire & Smoke certifications.

If you just want to add some accents to your walls but don't want something big, then the Pop-ups are the right thing for you!
Their "Popups" are only a peel and a stick away from making your wall that much more fun and imaginative! "Popups" are also a great way to get started on creating your own personal theme room! Here are some examples:

Steve send me the pop-up monkeys and brown dots to try! I was so excited when we received these. 
Applying these on the walls was super easy. You just peel off part of the backing, stick the monkey on the wall, use your squeegee to take out any bubbles, peel of the rest of the backing and voila, the monkeys are all set. 
Initially I was worried as the instructions say to apply them on a smooth wall. Well, we don't have smooth walls, ours are textured so I wasn't sure if it would work, but I shouldn't have been worried at all. Those monkeys are still hanging on the walls!

They not only have dots (in all kinds of colors), there's stars, hearts, rings, and a lot more... 
If you're looking for a growth chart, yes, bingo, you're at the right place.

The Creative Individual is generously offering my readers a 10% discount. Just use the promo code 9449 at check-out. This code will expire at the end of March, so don't miss this chance!
Thanks Steve for letting me do this review! We're big fans!!!


SimaG Jewelry said...

Dear Ann,
How are you??????? I love your blog,looks so goof!

I love abby's bedroom:


Sky said...

I love it!! Your little ones bedroom is sooo cute!! When we get ready to redecorate Pea's room, I'm keeping this company in mind!!