Most important meal...

Everybody says, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
I know, i know, I'm getting better at it. For me, my latte does the trick, I'm not a breakfast person but am trying to do better.

My little girl on the other hand loves breakfast, and lunch, and dinner, and snacks,...she is just eating and eating. She's going through a growth spurt I think.
This morning's breakfast: milk, a jam sandwich (which didn't just end up in her little tummy) and a banana.

Abby's in bed as we speak (or as I type) and I really should clean her high chair as we've got some sticky leftovers on there.
Where's the time when I could just rip my sandwich to pieces and lick off the jam and spread the jam everywhere? Oh those days...

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Blessings Abound said...

Lol! Wouldn't life be more simple that way!

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Have a wonderful day!