Lots of things...

It's been a while, we had some last "good" weather this weekend so we've been out and about with the kids enjoying the weather.
I've got a couple of pictures to show you and some questions to ask you.
Guess what Abby's been drinking................

You can't guess yet, hold on, we'll give you another hint...

This is the result of a little Gatorade her older sister had leftover!!! Unbelievable, I'm sure she was fluorescent!
She loved it of course as all things sweet are yummy!

Now for the questions:
This coming Sunday we're celebrating my son's 7th birthday (a little earlier than his actual birthday) but this worked out the best for everybody.
It's going to be a Halloween-themed birthday. This is my first birthday party we're doing at our house and I'm a little nervous about it.
This is what I've got planned so far:

* decorating mini pumpkins
* decorating cookies
* little ghosts they can put together

The following things to eat (snack on)/drink:

* rotten apple punch: apple juice with frozen eyeballs, jelly worms in it
* monster toes: little wrapped wiener sausages
* salty bones: breadstick dough shaped in little bones
* orange halloween popcorn
* of course birthday cake

I've got Halloween music for in the background.
Now for the weather, I'm not sure what it's going to be but I'm counting on not being able to go outside so I'm looking for a game we can play with 13 boys if they get bored. The girls will be fine with the arts and crafts. Any ideas? Has anyone done a Halloween party for kids before?
I'm off to the store to get the ingredients for the cookie dough, monster toes, salty bones. I have all the ingredients already for the cake so I'm good to go on that one.

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