trying to get back in a routine

I can not believe it's already Thursday. Monday was hard for all of us to get out of bed and get ready for school. Amazing what a couple of weeks of sleeping-in do to you. The kids are all settled in in school again and are having fun.
We still need to take the Christmas decorations down and I just can't get started on it, it's so much work and we still need to get the boxes out of the loft. I know once we start it'll be ok, but taking the first step always takes a while.
Both my husband and myself have started the New Year with Sensa again. We booked our flights to Europe, we'll be going back to Belgium and England this Summer, so I really want to lose my last 20 pounds. I'm curious next Monday what the scale will say. I've started a 6-week training program on EA Active and it's working as I've been sore. I worked out Monday, Tuesday, had off yesterday, worked out today and now I have 2 days of rest and then I start again on Sunday.

I'm working in Abby's school tomorrow morning and this weekend we'll be at a swim meet. I'm curious how it will go. First meet in the New Year.
I've got some reviews and giveaways to write but it will have to wait till Sunday.

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Good luck with your training! So jealous! Wish I was going to Europe!

Anonymous said...

Those first few mornings of having to get up early again after a long spell of lie-ins, is so hard! But it's surprising how quickly we get back into the routine.

CJ xx