I'm still here...

Hi there,

I know, you can't wait to read more reviews and enter more of my giveaways but you need to be patient a little longer. I mentioned before that we have a visitor from the critter kind and it/they are still here in my kitchen. I actually caught the bugger on my Flip camera and I just discovered yesterday that they have been in 2 of my drawers in the family room. They've been nibbling on all kinds of official papers! So now I have a rat trap in each drawer and a rat trap in my kitchen in front of the fridge. I can actually smell the rats (I know, it's gross). So I'm apologizing for not posting more but my priority is to get rid of these visitors as I don't want them in my house, especially not with my kids around!
Our cat doesn't do a thing, not sure if he got scared or something, he now sleeps under my bed at night and not downstairs anymore in his own bed.

These rats gross me out but I'm trying really hard to see them as the rat in ratatouille, makes it less gross.
If you have any tips to get rid of them, I really appreciate all the input I can get!!!


Ellen said...

d-con works great. Just put it somewhere that the kids/cat cannot get to like the basement or a closed drawer.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

We had a little rat over the summer and the guy at Home Depot said that mouse traps work the best. They sell ones that close up so you don't see the body.