Qwik Shower gym class wipes: review

I think the following product is genius and I can't wait to share it with you.

I want to talk to you about a product called Qwik Shower.
About Qwik Shower:
Business Owner Harvey Metro has 3 sons who are all involved in sports. After smelling the stinky and sweaty teens that cram into his car after games and practices, he created Qwik Shower wipes. He said his own stinky children, along with students no longer taking showers after school gym class, inspired him to come up with a solution.
Qwik Shower wipes are individually wrapped, 10-inch by 12-inch, moistened, disposable washcloths.

First off, why do I never come up with a product like this? My oldest has PE twice a week for 1.5 hours in school, and they DON'T take a shower.
Have you ever smelled a teen after PE without a shower? Not a good thing! I know if I work out for an hour and a half in the gym, I would smell the same!!! Same with my son, after an hour of soccer practice he needs a shower but luckily he can at home.

The Qwik Shower wipes are a must-have for active children and pubescent tweens and teens who get soiled, sweaty, stinky and self-conscious. These portable single-use disposable washcloths offer an easy and convenient way to help kids get clean and eliminate body odor after gym class, sports, outdoor play and other physical activities.
These wipes are also ideal for adults to use after the gym, a jog, when traveling,...

Lisa tried these out after her PE classes in school and she LOVES the scent they have and that they do not irritate her skin. These wipes have a crisp scent and Aloe VEra extract protects and revitalizes the skin.
They're really quick and easy to use and she felt refreshed instead of sticky and smelly after her PE.
She gives them a major thumbs up!
I love the way they're packaged, love the humor in it and it keeps it all fun.

With an affordable price point starting at just 49 cents each coupled with the company's free shipping policy, these wipes have made it easier and more affordable to keep your kids clean and odor-free.
These wipes are for sale for: 1 for $1, 10 for $7, 50 for $29 and 100 for $49.

I just ordered 50 more, this will cover Lisa for a while at school! Oh, and did I mention, FREE SHIPPING?
Do you want to try one out, check out on the website, you can try one for $1.

"Disclosure: I was sent some samples to use for this review. I was in no other way compensated to write this post. The opinions in this review are my daughters and they might differ from others."

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