Old Navy tees

I couldn't help but share the following with you. I just got back from Old Navy as I needed to get my little one some more t-shirts. She's growing way too quick!
They have the cutest t-shirts for girls in the store. I was checking out when the girl at check-out asked me if I had seen the t-shirts that smell when you scratch them? Of course I had to go see and got all 3 for Abby, they were only $6 each (for her size, prices differ for different sizes). I got the lollipop (below picture is in yellow, the one I got is aqua), donut and brownie t-shirt, and they really smell like it! I can't wait for Abby to be back from school so I can show her.
"Disclosure: I was in no way compensated for this post, just couldn't wait to share with my readers"

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Full Cup said...

What a cute idea! I used to love the scatch and sniff stickers when I was little! I'm going to have to get investigate this. Thanks for sharing!:) Love your blog by the way! I put your button on my page!


Molly Jane

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