Allowance Manager: review

Are your kids getting allowance every week and you have problems with keeping track of the numbers like me? I now write it down in our calendar every Sunday but sometimes I skip weeks and then I need to backtrack, which takes time. Our kids don't always want their allowance, they want me to keep track of it and then when they want to use it, we pay them.
I was very happy to try out the Allowance tracking system called Allowance Manager.
Allowance Manager is a free tool for parents to manage their child's allowance online. Parents can use this tool to set and monitor children's allowance, create incentives for kids and reward good behavior.
Children can also use this tool to learn how to earn and manage their money.
Allowance Manager is really easy to set up, you create a profile for your kids, how much allowance you give them a week and set the date when they get their allowance (for us this is every Sunday). Allowance Manager then keeps track of the allowance every week. Per child you can update their allowance, you can credit and/or debit for every chore/misbehavior and the system will keep track of them all for you. There's a comment box to add a description to the transaction. So if your child can't remember why the money was taken off, it's really easy to show them why.
Allowance Manager also has a chore chart you can print out for you to use!
I've bookmarked this site and will use this from now on, no more discussions with my kids on if I added/subtracted the right amount of money!

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"Disclosure: I will receive a $20 Target GC in exchange for my honest opinion of the site. I was in no other way compensated to write this post. THe opinions in this review are mine alone and might differ from others."

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