Littlest Pet Shop: biggest stars review

Abby LOVES Littlest Pet Shop pets and she plays with Lisa's "old" Littlest Pet Shop Pets every day! I think these pets are one of the best toys out there and are fantastic for imaginative play. Our Littlest Pet Shop can climb mountains, skate board.... you name it, they can do it.

So when I had the opportunity to review the Littlest Pet Shop 3: Biggest Stars for the DS, I could not wait to tell my 3-year old! She totally screamed when we opened the envelope it came in!
Did I tell you she LOVES Littlest Pet Shop Pets???
The Littlest Pet Shop 3: Biggest Stars is available in 3 teams (pink, blue and purple).
We received the pink one, which was great as it's Abby's favorite color!
After creating Abby's profile there were 4 modes to choose from on the main menu: Adventure, Pet Arcade, Coloring and Multiplayer Options.
In the Adventure mode, there are 10 pets that have what it takes to make it onto the team but they don't know how talented they really are. In the game you need to show the pets that their dreams can come true as long as they practice, have confidence and do their best. The pets do try-outs and the ones that make the team travel to the Biggest Stars Village. In the village there are studios, arenas, salons, stores and a lot more to play.
One of Abby's favorite games is the Catwalk Studios: your pet can be dressed up with different accessories and then will walk on their own catwalk.

Abby's not really into the Arcade mode, my son Jamie likes this one as he can try and get high scores. And you can check out the trophies you've won.

Abby's other favorite game is the coloring where she can pick from certain animal drawings and then try to color the same as the example or create her own design!
Every team has their own animals and the pink team has the cocker spaniel#1963, cat#1313, horse#1512, poodle#1520, toucan#821 and bunny#1966.
This DS game is a big hit and as I'm at the pool almost 5 days a week with my 2 older kids, Abby likes to play this game on her brother's DS . She loves her Littlest Pet Shop game and I don't need to walk around all the time chasing her as she will just sit next to me on the bleachers and is completely absorbed in the game.
These Littlest Pet Shop Pets are really cute and guess what Abby was asking me today after watching below trailer????
She told me she's going to ask Santa for the blue game as it has her favorite horse.

"Disclosure: I was sent the pink Littlest Pet Shop 3 game for this review. The opinions used in this review are mine and might differ from others. I was in no other way compensated for this post"

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