Western Union winners

Ok, this is the first time ever I had 767 entries in a giveaway and I now know I need to work on finding a way to count easier when there's that many entries!
I tried the Random Integer and then count manually and oh man, that didn't work. I lost count a couple of times and that's not funny if you're up to 300 and counting.

So without further ado, for this giveaway, my way of selecting is by scrolling down the entries with my eyes closed, and when I stopped, the one on the top was the winner.

I need to ask for some help from more experienced bloggers on how to get a counter on the comment box.

Here's my 5 winners:

  • Fancygrlnancy
  • Shel
  • Cindy
  • Mom Caboodle
  • Tara
I've sent you all a confirmation email!


Together We Save said...

Congrats to your winners!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I emailed you back!

fancygrlnancy said...

thank you!