Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser

I had the opportunity to test out the Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser in the pomegranate mango scent.
What a great idea!!! With 3 kids in my house, stuff gets knocked over and the last thing you want knocked over is an air-freshener as it goes all over! I'm speaking from experience here!
The Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser puts an end to all of this!
I love the scent of this diffuser, not too strong and very fresh. I have it close to my computer so I can smell it when I'm reading emails, writing reviews/giveaways!

With this diffuser, scented oils are drawn up through the wood dowel into the wood top to fragrance your home without spills.

It's really easy to set up: remove wood top and plastic stopper, insert dowel in wooden top and insert the wooden top with dowel into the bottle and screw until tight.

Febreze has partnered with celebrity and busy "mom-preneur" Brooke Burke to introduce the latest in family-friendly scented home decor items. A perfect home accent, the Febreze No Spill Wood Diffuser offers a new take on the typical reed diffuser and boasts a spill-free design so busy moms with active families and even pets can now enjoy the beauty and scent of the Febreze without the worry of spills.
Brooke Burke has participated in a series of videos to share her family-friendly decor tips and tricks.


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Country Girl said...

This really sounds wonderful, but unfortunately, my husband and kids are allergic to scented air fresheners, candles, even perfume! :-( Oh well.

Unknown said...

That looks wonderful! I love Febreeze - their scents are very calming!