potty training

Hi everybody,

I'm still here but Abby started potty training and oh man, I forgot how much work it is.
On Monday, Lisa, Jamie, Abby and myself went to Target to get some big girl underwear and I have to say, they are really cute! We also got a little toilet seat to put on the big toilet seat so we have the potty upstairs and the toilet seat downstairs. We got a timer (although there weren't a lot of fun timers in the store) and were looking for a chart and stickers but couldn't find any geared towards potty training so we're sticking with the gummy bear reward afterwards.
So far so good, we had a couple of accidents, no major ones though. The kids are so excited and Abby is over the moon!
Abby enjoys going to the potty and her little gummy bear!
See, this is another step. My little girl is not so little anymore and I'm not sure what to think. Where did the time go when she was this tiny little girl?

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Anonymous said...

Cute little. Girl add, more pictures. Of her. Please