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I love pomegranates. The only thing I don't like is to get the kernels out as it's messy, but now they sell the pomegranate already cleaned in Costco, so we eat this in salads or just as a snack.
I was happy when I was contacted by Pom to try their pomegranate juice.

Pom Wonderful is a global brand committed to innovation and wellness. We grow and market pomegranates and pomegranate-based products that are healthy, honest and essential to the well-being of humankind.
Ours is the only company that grows, harvests, processes and ships our own pomegranates. Plus we're the only pomegranate company whose products are backed by over $32 million in scientific research.
The Pom wonderful is known for its unique combination of superior antioxidants, delicious taste and deep crimson color.
Their pomegranate orchards are located in California's sunny San Joaquin Valley. They never use imported juice. Pom wonderful controls their quality at every step of the way. They grow their own fruit, pick it by hand, squeeze it with their own presses and even make their own bottles.

I love this juice, I love it just with ice or as a cocktail. My oldest also loves the juice but my son and youngest don't like it. Then again, this juice has a very specific taste (more tangy than my 2 youngest like).
I have a cocktail recipe I want to share with you, it's delicious!!!

Pomegranate Cosmo

* handful of ice cubes
* 1/4 oz lime juice
* 1 1/4 oz citron vodka (I also used orange vodka before)
* 1/4 oz triple sec or cointreau
* 1/4 oz pomegranate juice

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain and serve in a chilled martini glass & garnish with a twist of lime.

I didn't realize Pom had more than pomegranate juice but they do. You should check out their website for their product range. This site is full of useful info, recipes for cocktails and food. They even have iced coffee! I need to give that a try next.
"Disclaimer: I was sent a case of pomegranate juice to try with my family. The opinions in this review are mine and can certainly be different from others."
Thanks Pom wonderful!

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