The art of Italian cuisine: Michael Angelo's

Both my husband and myself love to cook but once in a while it's easy to just buy a ready-made meal, it saves a lot of time.
I was contacted by Michael Angelo's to to try out their meals.
Michael Angelo's story:
Austin-based Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods produces a full line of frozen foods, specializing in authentic italian entrees. The company's commitment to high-quality, real ingredients and made-to-order process guarantees the freshest food with outstanding homemade taste.

The business began in a 600-foot pizzeria in Solano Beach, near San Diego. After closing the pizzeria at night, Michael Angelo, his girlfriend and 2 friends pushed tables together to form makeshift production lines. Using family recipes learned from Michael's mother, Sara, the team worked through the night preparing frozen Italian dishes and then distributed the meals to small local markets.

The frozen dishes quickly grew in popularity as customers were delighted by the rich taste and wholesome ingredients. As demand for Michael Angelo's meals grew,so did the family business. Michael Angelo decided to introduce his products to a larger market and, shortly thereafter, the company's products were introduced into warehouse club stores.

Today, Michael Angelo's gourmet foods continues to offer superior, restaurant-quality foods that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. And Sara still selects each ingredient, taking care that her personal recipes are created for consumers with the same pure and authentic goodness she serves her own family.

I LOVE Italian food, just ask my husband.
I can eat Spaghetti Bolognese every day, and if asked, a couple of times a day. When I was pregnant with my oldest that was pretty much all I ate. I craved spaghetti and bolognese sauce all the time. Sometimes I think I must have some Italian in me as I love to eat it so much.
I tried the meat lasagna with the kids and I have to admit I've never made lasagna myself (although I've helped my dad make it), this lasagna is delicious. The pasta is not soggy, the sauce is very good. Just delicious.
The best part? You only put it in the oven and voila, the meal is ready!
I can't wait to try some more options like Mediterranean shrimp, chicken alfredo, chicken parmesan,...

If you want to find out any stores near you that sell Michael Angelo's, check it out in their store locator.
"Disclaimer: I was sent a voucher to try a Michael Angelo's meal. These are my opinions and are different from others, although give this a try and find out for yourself. Just delicious!"

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