Sensa update week 5

This week we started on month 2. We had some sprinkles leftover from month 1 so we know we need to sprinkle a bit more this month.
On the forums, some people didn't have as good of results with month 2 sprinkles as month 1. If you think about it, the more you lose the harder it will get to lose more.
We've still lost this week but I think we might need to start exercising to keep it going. I bought the Wii Fit Plus yesterday on Amazon, so when this arrives, we're going to do some exercises too.
Here are the results (sounds like we're nominated for a prize or something) :)

9/23: -2.5
9/30: -3.8
10/7: -1.7
10/14: - 3
10/21: -1

total Sensa weight loss: 12
total weight loss: 24

9/23: -4.2
9/30: -1
10/7: -1.2
10/14: -2
10/21: - 1.4

total Sensa weight loss: 9.8
total weight loss: 15.4

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