Sensa update week 1

I've been excited to write this post today.
As you can guess we've lost weight this week.

week 1: 2.5
weight lost so far 14,5

week 1: 4.2
weight lost so far: 9.8

We're doing really good. We just have to make sure we keep sprinkling the Sensa on everything we eat.
I want to talk to you about the support group on Sensa, these people are using Sensa for the same reason as us: to lose weight and to get more healthy. I can ask all the questions I have and they're there to support me (and Ian) through this. A great bunch of people I've met!

I will keep you updated on our progress every week. If you want to give this a try for free and want to follow along with us, you can get your free trial here. (or click on any of the Sensa buttons on top of my blog)

Have a great day,

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