Frigidaire & Jennifer Gardner team together for CHANGE!

Frigidaire just announced Jennifer Garner as their new celebrity ambassador!
Jennifer will introduce Frigidaire's new line of appliances, designed with features that help us Moms save time in our busy schedules, and challenge us to pledge a bit of our own time to help children in need.
Frigidaire's new "Make time for CHANGE" campaign supports Save the Children's US Programs, dedicated to making a difference in children's lives.

Frigidaire and Jennifer are asking Moms to think ahead to November 1st. - the day all of us change the clocks and get en extra hour - and pledge to use that time to help make a difference in the lives of children.
Save the children created the CHANGE program (creating healthy, active and nurturing growing-up environments) to promote healthier lifestyles for children living in poverty by providing nutritious snacks and regular opportunities for them to be physically active.

Starting today, everyone who goes to and raises her hand with a pledge to make time for a child, will commit Frigidaire to donate $1 to support the CHANGE.
As an added bonus, everyone who pledges her time will be entered for a chance to win a Frigidaire Professional double wall oven.

It's really easy to pledge, although initially I wrote my pledge wrong on my hand. You need to write it in mirror-image so when you take a picture, you can actually read the text!
I know, DUH!
My pledge is to read more books together with my kids. With 3 kids this isn't always that easy but I will certainly try more!

There's also a Frigidaire Professional double wall oven to win on the Mom Central*!
(* All taxes, including but not limited to federal, state and local taxes, and any other costs and expenses associated with prize acceptance are the sole responsibility of the winner, including any costs of installation.)
and tell them about your pledge and how you would give back your time to children in need. Mom Central will then pick a lucky winner in a random drawing from all entries received!

What would your pledge be?

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate"

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