Back to school

Well, today was the day I had been waiting for for a week.
This last week the kids were just in each other hair all the time, picking fights. This last week was just 1 week too much.

Lisa was super-excited, Jamie was super-nervous and Abby was happy she could go to school too!
The house is so silent now, well apart from Abby singing that is.

I can't wait for Lisa and Jamie to be home later and hear all the stories.

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hippyheath said...

Hey Ann,
I hear you on that, my daughters are like cats and dogs driving me right to the wall 24-7. It may sound selfish but I am happy school started, i get a few hours of sssshh.... just listening to my refridgerator humming away and it's fantastic.

I have recently published a book that I would like to send for your review, i'm a big fun of your blog.