San Diego: some pictures

As promised, here are some pictures from San Diego. I'm going to split them up as we went to Seaworld, Legoland and the Zoo. We were staying in the Hyatt on Mission Bay and I can only tell you it was fantastic, more pictures to follow on the hotel and the super slides they have.

Here's some pictures from Seaworld, I have to say this was our favorite and we ended up going for 2 days!
We had lunch with Shamu which was the hightlight of our trip. We've never been so close to a whale before and the food was excellent, definitely worth the money!

Of course we went to a show during the day and then came back the other day for the evening show, it was truly amazing!

Lisa and Jamie (circled) were sitting in the splash zone, let's put it this way... we were prepared and had a new set of clothes for them afterwards!

More to follow on Legoland, the Zoo and the hotel.

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