We're back!

We're all back from a very relaxing vacation in San Diego, I'm washing and sorting out things in the house to be ready for this weekends swim meet.
It doesn't look like I have lots of time to blog as I have to try and go through 1500 emails too.

I can not wait to tell you about our San Diego experience and to share pictures. I took 360 but will not share them all, can't do that to you all ;)


Sarah Anne said...

1500 EMAILS?!?! WOW!!! Good luck with that, and hope you had a great time in San Diego!

Gutsy Living said...

I just found your blog and since I'm new and live close to San Diego, I can't wait to hear what you liked about SD.

Susan Campbell Cross said...

I went to UCSD and love, love, loved living in San Diego. My mom lives there now so I still go down to visit (we live in L.A. now). Hope you had an amazing time, can't wait to hear about it and see the pics.

The Caffeinated Librarian said...

Love your site! Your product reviews are great! Keep 'em coming!