Missing in action

Hi all,

Just in case you're wondering. I'm still here but have been extremely busy with the kids and haven't been able to spend proper time to write reviews and/or do giveaways.
On top of all this Abby fell yesterday and banged her nose and top lip on the edge of our deck. So far her teeth are ok (I can't feel any loose ones) and she doesn't have a concussion but she does have a big bruise on her nose (we have to wait till the swelling goes down to see if it's broken) and she has lots of bruising on the inside of her top lip.

I'm sure I'll have more time next week to write, so keep checking back, I know some of you can't wait for more reviews/giveaways and there's some cool ones coming up.


Rachel said...

We have missed you! Hope the little one is ok! :)

Kiki said...

Love your blog!