What I learned today and want to share with you.

I like to have my toilets clean and with 3 kids in the house that's not always easy but I learned something today. Trying to have it too clean isn't a good idea either.

I normally have a Clorox toilet bowl cleaner in the tank and although I still need to scrub the bowl once in a while it keeps it cleaner for a longer time.
A couple of months ago I tried the Homelife blue automatic toilet bowl cleaner and I LOVE this even more as it keeps your toilet bowl water blue so it looks like the water's fresher (or at least it looks like that to me).
I got some more tablets 2 weeks ago but I still had the chlorine tablets in the tank and didn't want to waste them so I dropped the blue tablet in there too. 
What do you think I'm going to say? Big no no. 
These tablets react and the bleach was actually trying to take the color out of the blue and stop it from working! The result, today I decided to tackle the tanks, take out all the tablets, but the problem with the blue tablet is that it's partly dissolved and it just dissolved further in my hand. Result, I have a light blue stain on my hand, it looks great! NOT.
I know, I should have used gloves, but that's just a hassle.
For the other tanks I used an old spoon, cleaned them all out, and used new blue tablets, so we're all good to go again.

I know what you're thinking, how can you talk so long about toilet tanks?
Hey, just wanted to share some cleaning disaster with you all. I'm sure there's more moms out there that use toilet bowl cleaners, consider yourself warned about mixing them up.

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Marge said...

My plumber says all those cleaners that you leave in your tank are horribly corrosive on your plumbing.
So I quit using them.