Bad memories, but a good ending in the end

Can you remember when you started riding your bike?
Well, I certainly can! My dad taught me how to ride my bike and he must have been running and running behind my bike for ours! I remember him saying "go Ann, I'm not going to let you go", "we're doing this together".
That was the good memory I have, cause he didn't let me go and he never gave up until I took off by myself.
Now for the bad memory, when I was finally able to ride my bike and getting very confident in it, I crashed into a metal fence. Actually my handle bar got stuck in it and I fell and I scraped every piece of skin off my nose.
Oh, and did I tell you the next day it was my great-grandma's wedding anniversary? My nose was in every picture, or at least the lack of it!

I hope you have better memories. Go check out the giveaway over @ 5 minutes for mom for a chance to win a Strider running bike!

Maybe I should have had one of these when I started learning?


philly5113 said...

Oh no! I thought I had the worst bycicle experience. It was so bad, not tragic, but to the point that I don't get on bikes anymore even after too many years ago to recall.
I disobeyed the parents and rode out on to the street with my new bike I got for my 8th birthday and right into a moving car. You get the picture.
I like bikes my kids are great riders.

I guess we are not the worst for it. I hope you still enjoy riding.

Anonymous said...

i like biking but i guess biking doesn't like me.. lol!
i don't ride because i don't want to have broken bones.

follow my blog, i only have few.

thank you in advance.