Prizey is the place to be!

Before I started my blog I would enter giveaways. I still do but a lot less as writing reviews and doing giveaways on my own blog takes a lot of time.
A lot of readers have asked me where to start when entering giveaways and I want to share a website I've been entering lots of giveaways. This was my first website I started entering and I love it! 
If you're looking for THE place to enter or list giveaways, PRIZEY is the place!

It's free, you just have to register/join and then you can start entering or listing your own giveaways.

They now have a new feature where you can vote up people's listings so they could become Editor's picks, so from now on I will also add the voting up button to my giveaways and will announce my winners on Prizey (in addition to emailing the winner and announcing on the actual post)
If you want to check out my giveaways, check them out here:

It only takes a second to vote these giveaways up, so if you don't mind, you can test it out on my page ;)

You need to become a member before you enter or list giveaways, but that's easy too, you can do this here.


Anna said...

Nice tip, thank you very much!

Herrad said...


Hope you are doing well and having a great weekend.



Herrad said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for visiting my blog.