relaxing weekend

I had all these plans of writing loads and loads of reviews and giveaways but we went to a swim meet in Hood River yesterday, had a lot of fun (beautiful drive going there and back) and then relaxed outside afterwards as it was in the 80'sF. Today it's going to get even warmer, in the 90's so it's about 9 now, we had our breakfast and we'll be walking to the playground to have some fun before it gets too hot.
Last day with the kids and me alone, finally Ian comes home from the Netherlands tomorrow!! Yipppeeeeeee! We all missed him, so it's going to be great to see him tomorrow!
I might write a review tonight when the kids are in bed or I might not. I can tell you though there's going to be lots and lots of reviews and/or giveaways in the next weeks:
Here's a little teaser to make you come back ;) (in no particular order)

* Joowle
* Fortamajig
* Zutano
* flashcard Zoo
* Eternal Creation
* Picaflor
* Mopetsclosets
* city of Dionne
and a lot more.....


Desiree Fawn said...

Very exciting -- can't wait to see!

Andrea said...

Can't wait...I'm looking forward to that Fortamajig one...that sounds fun!! We LOVE forts at our house :)

Laura Trevey said...

i'm glad you enjoyed the outdoors!!
can't wait to see what is coming soon...

Anonymous said...

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