Stylish European high chair: Minui Handysitt

I need to tell you all about this amazing Danish product Minui Handysitt. You know I'm from Belgium so when I found this company I was over the moon! I love European furniture designs, and this one not only looks fantastic, it's practical too!
Abby was still using Lisa's old highchair (it's a great wooden highchair, still in perfect condition, yes even after 11 years BUT it's big and bulky and takes up a lot of space), so I was very happy that I discovered the Minui Handysitt! This ingenious portable highchair is sleek in design, compact, and can attach to virtually any chair.
The Minui Handysitt comes in 7 different finishes: Natural or black painted birch, with red, brushed steel or black metal arms, or classy Antique.

I was send the classy Antique Handysitt (as seen on the left) and I can not tell you enough how good it looks and how practical it is. Initially I was very disappointed as of course I should be the one person to have the kitchen chairs where it doesn't fit on! BUT the Handysitt fits on Lisa's desk chair so that's what we're using for now as we're in the middle of choosing a new table and chairs for our kitchen (I'm excited about that too!)
The big difference with this highchair is that Abby can just sit with us at the table and eat at the table instead of on her highchair!
It literally takes 30 seconds to set up or take down, easy peasy! Another big seller for me is that it blends so nicely with our kitchen, you hardly notice it’s there.

With its new safety guard and crotch strap, the HandySitt is one of the safest high chairs on the market as certified by TÜV, an Internationally recognized safety testing authority.
Adjustable extendable arms allow it to be secured to most styles of chair, even those with rounded backs. It works on chairs with a back height of 12-19” and back width greater than 13.5”.
A trayless high chair designed for kids 6 months to 5 years old, it’s easy to get your kids in and out without throwing out your back.

Have a look at how easy the install is:

And this highchair is affordable at a price of $149 plus they cover the shipping.
Minui Handysitt has a 100% money back guarantee, they will pay for return shipping and will send $10 to put towards a different highchair, so you can't go wrong there, right?
I can tell you're as excited as I am so I'm very happy to tell you that Minui Handysitt is offering the following discount code "latte" to my loyal readers. The code "latte" has a value of $10 off orders of $149 or more and expires on Sunday, April 26th, 9pm PST (so hurry, you don't want to miss this great offer). Enter this code on the 2nd checkout screen before payment info.

Minui Handysitt, thanks for letting me review this amazing European seat!


Marcy said...

Hello I'm Marcy, also a mother to three beautiful children, and a grandmother as well. I've become a follower of your blog, it's very refreshing. I just wanted to say what a handy little invention this "Handisitt" is! Too bad I did not know of it when mine were still young enough to get them to stop long enough, for a sit down meal! "tehe" But I will show it to my oldest son who is expecting a new little one soon! Thank you for sharing! Good luck with your kitchen, sweet dreams! xo~

Amanda said...

last week and it is amazing! My girls are in love with it already!

Jocuri said...

I love this thanks!

Maternal Tales said...

Hi Ann, I've just seen you on blogs of note so I thought I'd pop over and say hello. I'm very impressed you understand the Geordie accent - I'm English and I don't understand it sometimes!! Love your blog. And, yes that chair is great. We have one for our little girls and we take it around with us - to friend's houses, cafes, etc. It's perfect. x

darkman said...

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Mike said...

This is an interesting blog you've got going! :-) I found you on Blog Of Note (congrats...) and will definitely visit you again - now I'll go read some more of your older posts... Have a great day!

Who's Your Audience said...

Oh thank you for the tips on the Handisitt. I have not yet had my first child but am trying! I will definitely keep this in mind for the future. What a beautiful piece of furniture - or is it really art?

hippyheath said...

Great Blog! congratulations I am definately hooked.

Dietitian for Hire said...

cool chair

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