Panic in the house!

Yesterday, I went for a walk to the playground with Abby.....and Simba. Yes you read it right. Simba's been walking with us around the block for a couple of days now, but this was the first time (and last, you'll read later why) he followed us on a different road.

It was a gorgeous day, Abby played a while and then we headed home again, it was too hot! Simba followed us about half way home and then crossed the road heading back to the playground. This was at 2:30.
The kids came home from school, played with some friends, did their homework, and still no Simba. It was 5:30. So we got in the car, drove to the playground and checked some of the streets nearby, no Simba to be found. I was very worried now as he comes home every 2 hours at least, if not more. When I put Abby in the bath, the kids walked to the playground again to check but no Simba. At 8:30pm, my cell phone rings, didn't recognize the number but this is the conversation: "hi, are you missing a cat?"
I was so relieved, Simba was found!!! Simba has a chip and a collar with his name and my cell phone number on it. The house was 2 houses away from the playground and he had been walking between her house and her neighbor since 3:00 onwards! Next question she asks: "is she pregnant?", mhmmm, no he's overweight and has been struggling with losing weight for a while (sound familiar?).
Well, anyway, I went over and picked him up, thanked the lady and Simba's been getting lots of hugs since then!


shopannies said...

so glad you found simba that would have been sad
thanks for stopping by my blog and entering a great contest

Boomka said...

Thank god for chips and collars hey? I can only imagine that if I had had a chip and cellphone number on my collar when I was a kid, I wouldn't have gotten lost as much. But I turned out ok... barely!

Anonymous said...

My mother has a Ragdoll who thinks he's a German Shephard and GOOD LORD! I know all too well how much trouble cats can wander themselves into.

I, myself, stick to actual dogs, haha.

Ana Luisa said...

guess Simba wanted to visit with the neighbours! Glad things turned out well!

eda said...


philly5113 said...

Yes, a familiar story and experience. Boy does it feel good when we get back together. I dont know how I would have explained it to the kids.
I can totally relate with the loosing weight comment. I need to get serious. I'll take all the tips.