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Thanks all for your stories, I really enjoyed them. 
I had so much fun reading this Dictionary! This book is a book every parent should have, none of the words exist in a real dictionary but oh man, we could certainly use some of them.

The words in the book are called "neologisms" or made up words. They capture some of the precious things our kids do and say. And I'm sure we all had loads of them with our kids. I certainly have with my 3!

Eric decided to compile all of his kids words into a book and I'm glad he did, it's hilarious and precious at the same time.

Let me give you one of my favorite examples (and I have a couple) in the book.
My husbands' car is spotless! My car on the other hand, second home to the kids, is a different story. Vacuuming it is a chore and I can never tell what there is to find under the car seats, but I can guarantee you it's always a surprise!
So the book has a name for this:
KIDDLES (KID-duhls) n: Crumbs and debris found in the creases of your car's upholstery when you remove a child's car seat.
Another one I love:
SNOOT (SNEWT) v: To suck in rather than blow out when blowing your nose.

One of Lisa's favorites (my oldest daughter): 
PAMPERATIONS (pahm-per-AY-shuns) n: The twisting, squirming and kicking a baby performs to make changing their diaper as difficult as possible.

The book is full of many creative words and they describe every kind of situation that we, as parents, have been in at some time or another. This dictionary is very entertaining and you will love it!
You can buy this book on Amazon or can be bought directly from Eric for $11.95. 

Eric has offered one of my readers a copy if this great dictionary!
To enter, leave me a comment telling me your most fun thing/s you're kid/s have said or done and  you wished you had written down.
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Deadline for this giveaway 3/26/09 midnight PST, the winner will be emailed and announced here on the 27th (US only).
Thanks Eric, we really enjoyed the book!!!


Brea's Mommy said...

The book sounds great! As for something Brea has done that I wish I would have wrote down. . . She is attempting to put both her shirt and pants on first time was today!

Brea's Mommy said...

I am a follower!

Staci said...

Sounds like a great book! Mt son announced the other day that grandpa is the "poop expert," because he works on farms and comes home smelling like it. Oh, and at his last birthday party he told everyone that our garage was closed so "my mommy can hide her junk." Love it.

Staci said...

I follow.

amweeks said...

This book looks fun! The greatest thing my daughter ever said was in those early days of talking - so she was maybe around 18months or 2? There had been dew overnight that clung to our window and made it look all foggy. My daughter came downstairs, pointed at the window and said "Mommy...there DUDE all over the window!"

And when my son was around 3 - I should have written it down! - we left COLD Ohio for a vacation in Florida. We landed at the airport, got into our rental car & put all the windows down to enjoy the warm air! My son, who was always quiet & a fairly late talker, felt his hair blowing all over the place and shrieked excitedly "there's a PARTY in my hair!"

amweeks said...

I follow you! (amweeks)

Dina said...

My preschooler has a very active imagination and comes up with these amazing stories - I wish I wrote them down, it would make a fun book!

Dina said...


Dina said...

I added your button to my blog