For all the new moms or moms-to be out there: NEW

As a mom of 3 I think I've figured out most of the things with my kids, at least from the baby side of things. Now with Lisa being 11, I'm entering this whole pre-teen world! I have a lot more questions for the future!
But if I do have questions I know I can check on New Parent and see if there's an answer out there! For all you moms and dads or parents-to-be out there who have questions you can now check out the NewParent website.

On the New Parent website you can find lots and lots of stuff like baby checklists, connect with other parents in the community, get expert advice for your pregnancy and parenting questions.

You can win free products, try the baby namer, read the parenting blogs, shop for maternity, cute baby clothes, you name it, you can find it there! also offers useful information like: coupons, celeb corner features, recalls, recipes and much more!

There is also a baby of the week section where people can enter their
children to be the star of the week : )
I would love to enter my little Abby in that one but the age limit is 12 months, too bad for me!

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Have fun!


Lindsay said...

hi Ann! Thanks for the great write-up! I'm glad you enjoyed the site!!

I hope you sign up for our Resident Mom program so you can be part of mommy focus group and review cool products! Link here:

Have a great day!!


JulieChats said...

Ann,thanks for sharing! My little guy is 13 months or I'd enter him too! It's always nice to have a place to go for advice!