Almost happy birthday Halloween party!

So yesterday we had my son's birthday party, he's going to turn 7 next Thursday the 30th, but we decided to do his party earlier as this worked out better for everybody.
The theme of course was Halloween.

We decorated pumpkins, which was fantastic, we had 4 girls and 12 boys at the party so I wasn't sure if the boys would be into it (as it wasn't something wild), but they were! They loved it and the pumpkins turned out great (the only thing, I forgot to take a picture of all the pumpkins together). I was a little busy with other things ;)
This is my son's pumpkin, his explanation for the hair: my pumpkin was soooo scared he lost half his hair!!

After the pumpkins, the kids all went outside to play basketball and football and that gave us time to get the tables ready for decorating cookies (that I had baked saturday).
So again, the kids came in and started on their cookie. Orange and black frosting, red licorice hair, millions of sprinkles, M&M's, mini-marshmallows, little sugar pumpkins and little candy corns later, the cookie was decorated and ready to be eaten.
Man oh man did I underestimate the fact that kids don't really put a thin layer of frosting on the cookie, some of them had a mountain on there!!! So, wisely I decided to only do 1 cookie instead of 2.

I had made some rotten apple punch, apple cider with gummy worms, body parts in there, which was very tasty.
Now for the parents that were staying I had made salty bones and mummies but the kids ate most of them, the parents weren't quick enough.

After the party, most of the kids stayed and played some more basketball and football cause the weather was fantastic!
It has just been an absolutely great birthday party.
My son said last night in bed: "mom, this was the best party ever". Jippppiiieeeee I beat Safari Sam's!!!!

I had also made a Spongebob Squarepants birthday cake but all the kids were full with all the candies and cookies they had already eaten, so we ate some of the cake today after dinner.

I can't believe my son's going to be 7, time flies.

Happy birthday little (or should I say big) angel!!

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Andrea said...

Wow...7 years old!! Time flies, huh?