Help needed!

After 2 kids I should have learned my lesson with Abby but nope I have a problem.
When Abby was 4 months old I went to Pottery Barn Kids and bought her a bunny. Not that she needed it as she was small and had loads of cuddly toys from her older brother and sister. (it was really me that thought the bunny was cute)

Now the problem is that she sleeps with this bunny while she plays with the labels on the back. 
We called him Mr. Bunny and he's been places: the beach, camping on Mount Hood, on a plane to England and Belgium, the park, you name it, he's been there.

Mr. Bunny is still doing very well, but there will be a time that he won't be doing so well and I have been looking for a second bunny and of course there isn't one anymore. I contacted Pottery Barn and there's no more bunnies in stock. I've checked ebay (yep, there's one for sale for $50, but I'm not paying that for a bunny), Craig's list but so far no good.
I'm running out of options, has anybody seen this bunny or knows where I can still get one?

It's a PBK Pottery Barn pink flat bunny critter:

Thanks for your help with this!


Andrea said...

Yep, I know how you feel! Tate has a puppy that he LOVES and he also plays with the tags on the back when he's going to sleep!! Luckily we were able to find him another puppy before they were gone...the puppy was on clearance because they were trying to get rid of it! we are SOOO lucky we got it! Good luck with finding another bunny though!!

mommyknows said...

Awe, I love the picture with the help needed sign. Too cute.

I hope you find one!

Abby said...

I too have been there and you just never know which one they are going to be that attached to or else we would buy a dozen when we buy the first! My daughter is REALLY attached to her Lamb that I found at Easter and was only sold at that season. I paid way to much for a double of it. But my reasoning was she said that if there was ever a fire she would not leave without lamby. This terrified me so I got a double showed it to her and we mailed it to grandma's house for safe keeping. It put both our minds at ease!

Superdumb Supervillain said...

There are several on Ebay... I just typed in "Pottery barn" pink bunny in the search bar. There are some jerks trying to milk poor despondent parents for $100 but I also saw two or three for about $20 which seems reasonable:

Good luck!