Think Pong for Christmas!

Are you all ready with your Christmas shopping or do you still have some last-minute shopping to do?
Is there anybody in your family that's getting a new or hand-me-down cell phone or iPad for Christmas?
If there is, you should consider buying them a Pong smart phone or iPad case to go with it. Developed by scientists out of MIT, Princeton, UCLA and Harvard, Pong cases have been scientifically proven in independent, FCC-certified labs to reduce cellular radiation by up to 95% below the FCC target. They're also great looking and come in a bunch of fun colors.

Placing a child's device in a Pong case is an easy (they snap on and off), affordable ($49.99-$99.99 at and important (proven effective) step to take when giving a child a cell phone or iPad. Check on where you can buy this great protection for your loved one in the family!

Here’s why putting a child’s device in a Pong case is so important:

- An article published last month in the scientific journal, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, reported that children absorb twice as much radiation from cell phones as adults do and more than FCC guidelines permit.

- Most vulnerable are a child’s brain, eyes and bone marrow, which can absorb as much as 10 times the amount of radiation an adult’s body does.

- These findings come just 4 months after the World Health Organization classified cell phone radiation as a potential carcinogen based on a large, global research study.

My kids aren't getting a phone or iPad for Christmas but my husband has an iPhone and we're using it on his phone. My husband is impressed with the ease the Pong case can be put on and taken off and the design is very cool. I'm really liking the idea that with this Pong case we're reducing the cellular radiation, as my hubby uses the phone a lot at work!

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"Disclaimer: I was sent a Pong case for the iPone to use for this review. All opinions in this review are my hubby's and mine and we were in no other way compensated to write this post."

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