I lost lots of weight with Sensa, so can you!!!!

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know I've been losing weight with Sensa. I haven't been posting regularly (that's what happens with 3 kids), but wanted to give you all an update on my weight loss.

I've lost 52 pounds so far and only have 8 more to go to reach my goal to be in a healthy weight range! I have no doubt I will get there, thanks to Sensa!

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Minnesota to give a live-testimonial on ShopNBC, with Dayna Devon. I can only tell you, I had a blast!!!!
We did some shows on Sunday and some on Monday. If you want to see them and find out more about Sensa, you can check them out on www.shopnbc.com, check under program guide, click on previous week, and if you then check under Sunday 6/5 and Monday 6/6, you can click on Sensa weight loss and this will give you the chance to watch the shows online.

In September 2 years ago I was an obese mom of 3 that didn't want to leave her house and hated going shopping as I was a size 18-20 (and they were tight). I was very skeptical but my hubby convinced me to give it a try. I honestly tried so many products and this was the last one I was willing to try. Since starting Sensa I have lost 52 pounds and I can tell you, I feel great. I now shop for size 10 jeans and medium tops. And this with a product I thought wouldn't even let me lose 10 pounds!

I am forever grateful to Sensa for giving me my life back!

Here are some pictures taken at ShopNBC while waiting to go on for the live-testimonial:

I am so happy I gave Sensa a shot, it truly changed my life. When I thought there was no more hope and I was just going to be an obese mom of 3, Sensa came along and really helped me get my life back! Give it a try, I've been there and have never looked back!


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