dairy free will be the way to go

I haven't been on my blog as much as I used to but I haven't been doing nothing either. My son's been struggling with anger issues and last year he was diagnosed with ADD although he does an excellent job in school, his grades are very good! So a year later we're still struggling with anger so we went onto the next step, we got him tested for allergies and food sensitivities and guess what??
He's very sensitive to dairy, coffee (which is not really a problem), sesame seed (and sesame seed oil), asparagus and cranberries.
We had already done 3 weeks of no sulfates, nitrates and food dyes and I can tell you that was a challenge, do you know it's in almost everything? Anyway, so now no butter, no cheese, no cow milk, no ice cream, no yogurt....
We just have to come up with alternatives and so here I am researching recipes for sweets, dinners,..If anybody knows about a good book with recipes, a blog,...all help is appreciated!

So yesterday I made a dairy-free whole wheat bread and some fudge-chocolate peanut butter cookies and they are a success. We've tried the mint soy milk ice cream as milk-chocolate chip ice cream is his favorite and he loves it. The next one we're going to try is coconut milk ice cream and then Jamie and myself are going to try and make our own. This will be our project to do together. Same with yogurt, we will try and make our own.

So now that his results have come back the waiting starts for my results, I wonder if I will have similar results.

There will be some reviews on my blog again later today or tomorrow.
If you have some good resources on dairy-free recipes and/or books, let me know.

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life springs said...

You are a patient and a great mom. i too am a mom with kids and i completely believe your predicament.
Hats off to you.

You could read my articles as well which are of various types.

Take careof yourself and your son.