Trauma ICU: Update

Our friend is finally off the Trauma ICU and now has a room on the trauma ward. He's had a chest tube inserted to get fluids and other stuff off his lung but it didn't do the trick so they went in laprascopically and got all the stuff out. He looks a hundred times better and is actually cracking jokes. Hopefully he gets to go home this weekend as soon as his blood work comes back normal and his lung continues to look good.
Thanks for all your comments, they do mean a lot!

Yesterday our friend fell off the ladder onto a tree stump while he was trimming his tree. He got taken to the hospital and then transferred to OHSU as they weren't sure yet if he needed surgery. We just visited him in the trauma ICU and he has 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a cut in his liver and a cut in his kidney. They are monitoring his internal bleeding and are watching for blood cloths.
At least today he's in good spirits, the medication sure helps!!!
Fingers crossed he'll get better soon!


Jen said...

wow, prayers for your friend...may he recover quickly.

Grizzly Bear said...

OMG I am praying. That is completely horrible. So sorry

Unknown said...

Oh no-sending good vibes your way. happy Valentines day anyway!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Ouch! My fingers are crossed for him too!