Vive Vita products-perfect for little ones and toddlers

Have you ever been worried in the grocery store that your little one will walk off? Ever been stressed in a shopping mall and/or the airport? Well, I sure have and I now have a fun solution for this.
I had the great opportunity to test out the Gripsterz Character Handle from Vive Vita.
The Gripsterz is an adorable adventurous monkey attached to a ring that is swinging from a vine strap. The Gripsterz combines cool fun for little ones with a great function for moms and dads. Kids will refexively keep their monkey friend gripped tightly in hand, while parents are free to walk or stop as they desire. If going to the grocery store or shopping mall gives you stress, then try this product. Abby doesn't like to sit in the cart anymore and she loves to hold her monkey while we shop. She's allowed to connect the other end of the Gripsterz to the cart and then she holds on to her monkey. We will definitely be using the Gripsterz this Summer when we fly to Belgium and England, this is a great solution for us at the airport as we will have our hands full with 3 kids and all the luggage.
The Gripsterz Kit includes a monkey ring with attaching clip, 2 vine straps (1 ft & 2 ft) with an attaching clip, an adult handle, a storage bag and a Grippy book for kids. Abby also loves to read this book at night.

The second product we received for our review was the Bandette.
Personalize your kids' cups and bottles while alerting others to allergies and other preferences by using Bandette cup labels. Help avoid spread of germs as children and adults easily recognize and use their own cup or bottle.
We've used these Bandette's on Abby's water bottle at her play school and also at home. She loves to put these on her cup so her big brother doesn't use her cup.
You can write your kids' name, date, allergies and other info on the "name plate". Pen markings can be rubbed off or made long term by boiling or dishwashing the band with the writing left on. The Bandette cup labels are dishwasher and microwave safe and fit most cups and bottles. They are reusable and easily moved from one cup to another.
The Bandette is made of non-toxic material that meets FDA standards for plastics that come in contact with food.

Check out Vive Vita for more products you can use when you have smaller children in your family. Or they would actually make great baby shower gifts!
Thanks Vive Vita for letting me try these products, I think they're very useful if you have kids and I wish I had known about these when my 2 older ones were younger. Would have saved me some stress in the shopping mall.

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"Disclosure: I was sent the Bandette and a Gripsterz for this review. The review is based on my opinions only and they might differ from others. I was in no other way compensated for this post."

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