Monopoly Streets for the Wii review

I'm sure you've played Monopoly at a certain time as a kid or teenager or adult. Isn't this game so much fun?
We love this game and have it as a board game and now thanks to Santa, we have the Wii version of this game.
Lisa and myself actually went out yesterday afternoon to get 2 more Wii remotes so we could play this with the whole family. (Lisa and Abby shared the new pink controller, I know, they have them in pink now too)

  • this game has so many possibilities: you can choose from different tabletop boards like Ice board, Jungle board to 3D City boards like Monopoly City and Landmark City. These ones are amazing as it's like you're driving through the city.
  • every player gets to choose a token: there's several choices and the more times you play you get to buy more options in the Monopoly store. We've played with the dog, battleship, car, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat and iron so far, and some of the characters associated with these tokens are funny. The kids had so much fun! You can also get your own Mii to play in this game, you just have to unlock the person in the Monopoly store.
  • there's different game options to choose from, the classic Monopoly game, short game, speed just depends on how much time you have to play the game. You can play long, short, with different rules,...
  • what I thought was really fun to do was instead of buying a property you can auction a kids got really excited at an auction and ended up paying way more than if they had just bought it,...but the bidding is fun to do. This auction feature adds competitions within the game.
  • Then after you've bought all the properties, the same as with the classic board game, you can buy houses, hotels. In the City version, real houses appear!
We've played this Monopoly game a lot in the last 2 days and I beat my hubby every time! Guess what we'll be playing again after dinner (as he thinks he can beat me with a different token and character, yeah right)? My hubby is a little bit of a sore loser so I can't wait to beat him again!

Monopoly Streets for Wii can be bought at EA and Hasbro for $39.99. It's rated E for everyone.
Have a look at below trailer and see how much fun this game is!
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"Disclosure: I was sent a copy of Monopoly Streets for the Wii to use for my review. All opinions in this review are mine (and my family's) and they might differ from others. I was in no other way compensated for this review."

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Glad to see that the concept of "Board games" has carried over into the realm of micro-processors and digitization. Remember how much fun we had playing classic board games?? (provided you're old enough to remember)