Park Math by Duck Duck Moose: review

Duck Duck Moose has done it again! They've developed an excellent iPhone/iTouch App for kids.

About Park Math:
Come play at the park, and learn to count, add, subtract, sort and more. Park Math introduces early math concepts to children in preschool and kindergarten (ages 1-6).
Check out this great video, this will give you an idea on how great this App really is!

Blue Bear and his friends have several activities they can do around the playground.

1. SWING: NUMBERS – Count up to 50 as a rabbit swings.
2. SLIDE: ADDITION – Help ducks climb to the top of a slide and learn how to add.
3. SHAPES – Follow the fish as they make different shapes.
4. SEESAW: GREATER THAN / LESS THAN – Balance a seesaw by adding and subtracting mice.
5. APPLE TREE: SUBTRACTION – Learn how to subtract as apples fall from a tree.
6. SANDBOX: PATTERNS – Complete the pattern in a sandbox with the correct toy.
7. BENCH: SORTING – Order the dogs from small to large. Order numbers in sequence.
8. PICNIC: COUNTING – Feed a hippo the correct number of food items.

Park Math has 2 levels for Preschool and Kindergarten. Younger children can develop their number sense through exploring and playing with the animals in the park. Level one includes counting up to 20 and addition/subtraction with numbers up to 5.
Older children can start understanding concepts like addition and subtraction as they deliberately manipulate the characters on the screen. Level 2 includes counting up to 50 and addition/subtraction with numbers up to 10.

All of these games are accompanied by great music, including This Old Man, Five Little Ducks and many more.
Abby loves this App and her favorite game is when she feeds the hippo spicy peppers, as the hippo will have steam coming out of his ears and tears coming out of his eyes.
Another one is finishing the pattern with Blue Bear. If you have smaller children then I highly recommend this App. As most of you know I'm at the swimming pool all the time (while my 2 older kids swim) and this App is one of Abby's favorites. Actually I need to correct myself, she takes turns with her best friend Addie, it's really cute to see.

"Disclosure: I was sent a free code to review this App. I was in no other way compensated for this review and as usual the opinions in this review are mine alone and might differ from others."


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Looks like fun.

Jody said...

This looks like a fun way to get children interested in learning.

Ann said...

It really is, and it's amazing how easy it is for Abby to remember.