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From the age of 7 to about 14 I walked to school every day as our school was walking distance. We used to meet up with friends on the way and then all walk together. Then we moved house and the school was further away but I didn't want to take the bus so a bunch of friends would go on the bikes to get to school, rain or shine. We even beat the snow and it wasn't always easy as one day I was late for a test cause I had fallen off my bike on the way to school.
It was a great way to spend time with my friends and talk about all kinds of things! And I have to admit not all days were fun, it was a bit of a drive and sometimes I was really not looking forward to it but I just didn't want to take the bus.

Do you know that the Month of October is International Walk to School Month?
All elementary and middle school students and their families can help their schools win one of five $5,000 grants from Green Works. Winning the $5,000 Green Grant could help your school in any number of ways. Maybe your school needs new computers, PE equipment, music equipment? Or maybe some new windows to help your school conserve energy?
This is the time to work (and walk) together to win!

The National Center for safe routes to school has established the Walk to School day and month, with the goal of creating more walkable neighborhoods, cleaner air and safer streets. By partnering with Walk to School and the Sierra Club, Green Works hopes to encourage families everywhere to take healthy, eco-friendly steps every day.

All you have to do is make a pledge to walk or bike to school in the Walk to School Challenge on Facebook.
You're invited to sign up online and log your walking or biking trips on behalf of your school. The 5 schools with the highest levels of participation will be eligible to win a $5,000 grant.
We just signed us up on Facebook. Jamie walks every day and also in his school they are keeping track of the days to win some fun prizes.
In addition of having him walk home from school with his friends, Abby and myself will meet him at school and walk back some days.

Do you want to join this challenge and help your school? You want to get some exercise in and at the same time help your school?

"Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Clorox Green Works and received a $30 Amazon gift certificate."

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