raccoon? Oh no, it's just me...

Camping in Timothy Lake 2 weekends ago...check
Swim Meet in North Bend last weekend...check
Enchanted Forrest with friends and my kids...check

getting ready for going on Live TV this weekend.... almost check

I'm preparing myself, got the grey dyed in my hair...check
got my eyebrows done today......that's where the raccoon comes in... I have very sensitive skin on my face and need to make sure I don't have to do anymore errants after getting my eyebrows waxed...
My kids think it's the funniest thing ever and call me the raccoon afterwards.

I will be on ShopNBC this weekend with my weightloss progress on Sensa, Saturday evening and Sunday all day. Not sure about the times. Channel 22 (if you have Comcast)
See you later,

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