Space Bag announces Clean that Closet Challenge

Now this is a product I am super excited to talk about! As a family of 5 we have stuff everywhere. In an ideal world, my closets would be organized, I wouldn't have stuff lying around everywhere. But again, that would be in an ideal world! Instead, our closets aren't organized, although I try.
I was excited when I was given the chance to test some of these Space Bags in all kinds of sizes. I had seen these on the TV and thought before, yeah right, these won't work. BUT I took on the challenge today!
I couldn't do it earlier cause it was way too hot to do anything like this and not collapse from heat exhaustion (or I can also say, I just couldn't be bothered in this heat :-) )

I will show you before and after pictures so you can see the difference!

Here's our duvet, blankets & sheets closet before.
I know, I know, big mess, and trust me I couldn't squeeze anymore in there, there were 3 more bed sets and a duvet in my room that just couldn't fit in this closet anymore)
At least I know I'm the only mom out there that has a problem with this.

Here's 2 pictures of almost all the sheets and duvets that I had spread out. Lisa got some more sheets from out of her room and a duvet and 3 bed sets out of mine after this picture was taken.
These Space Bags come in different sizes, I used the medium, large, extra large and the Jumbo tote to organize my closet. These Space Bags are super easy to use: you fill them up to the line, zip them closed and use your vacuum and it's amazing how fast the vacuum sucks the air out of it. Afterwards, the bag looks like one of those vacuum sealed meats you can buy, it's amazing!

With the Jumbo tote, I actually filled it, vacuumed it and then realized I could fit even more in there so I opened it up again and added 1 more duvet.
Here's the before and after on the jumbo tote: in it? a king duvet, 4 king bed sets (might even be 5) and a comforter! Amazing, right?
I also decided to split up girls, boys, baby and our sheets and that's what I did.
Here's a before and after of the girls bedding (6 sets in there):

Here's the result:
Space Bag, the leading manufacturer of space-saving vacuum-seal storage bags, is helping people across America to clear their clutter through its Clean That Closet Challenge!
The Challenge is part of Space Bag's online community, Space Savers. The contest encourages anyone with a messy closet (yep, that's me) in need of a little organization to enter this makeover challenge. The winnings are big, with the first 100 eligible entrants winning Space Bag products and one grand-prize winner receiving a private consultation with a professional organizer (I can so use this!), 1 $1000 gift card to Bed, Bath $ Beyond, and enough Space Bag products to organize their entire home (this would be a dream come true). My house clutter-free would be a miracle!
To enter, participants must visit between now and August 15, 2010 and explain in 500 words or less why the deserve the grand prize. Participants must also submit a photo or brief video showcasing their messiest closet.
Why wait, I entered and although I'm not proud of my messy closets, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to see if I can win myself some more of these fantastic Space Bags to start organizing the rest of my house!

Space bag also has a Twitter account to keep updated on all things organizing!
"Disclosure: I received several sizes of Space Bags to test on my closet. I was in no way compensated to write this review and this review is based solely on my own opinions"

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