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I can not believe it's almost the end of the school year. Do you like your son/daughter's teacher as much as I do? Both my kids teachers are awesome! Both my kids have learned a lot and I'm grateful for the perfect fit.

Has you teacher made an impact on your children? I'm so happy I can share the following with you as I didn't know about this organization before.

Bing is a site where you can recognize your teacher(s). Check out this site and read about some of your amazing teachers, you might find comments already for that same teacher.
Visit HERE and post a comment or share a story about your teacher and Bing will provide you with a $5 donation to, which can be applied to any classroom project of your choice!
At the end of June, Bing will collect the comments and share them with each teacher in the form of a congratulations letter, how cool is that? is an online charity that connects you to classrooms in need. This organization helps teachers set up projects and you as a parent can donate to get the material needed for it.
The teacher just needs to log in onto the website and start a "classroom" project or donation project. Parents and students can then visit the Bing Teacher Appreciation site to leave a comment (up to 5 a visitor) about a teacher who has made a difference in their life, enabling them to receive a $5 giving code to (one per comment). Parents and students can then apply the $5 giving code to the classroom project of their choice.
Classroom projects are created by teachers, so reach out to your children's teachers and encourage them to submit their own projects.

I've forwarded this site to our school so they now also know about it.

"Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Bing and a $100 giving code was given to facilitate my review. Mom Central will also send me a thank-you gift certificate"

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Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

I had no idea about this either. Thanks for sharing...I love my daughter's teachers. I am going to stop by!