April fools?....NOT

I'm totally grossed out!! After coming out of Lisa's room this morning and on the way to the stairs I saw a rat...yep, you read it right, a rat!
A couple of hours have passed so I'm a little more relaxed but still!
Of all days to see a rat, today I was sorting out all the washing, I have a million piles downstairs, on the couches, on the table and on the floor. Who knows where that thing went.

I rang the exterminator who came 2 hours later (apparently there's a lot of rats out there as he needed to catch 2 more before my house). He found where the rat came in (tiny little hole under the water-heater) and it's been chewing on some insulation, so probably is a girl rat making a nest. Just what I need to know, right???
Anyway, this hole under the water-heater is linked to the sewer which makes me think of this, that rat better be wiping his/her feet before he/she comes in my house and on my carpets!

Things to do: warn the other kids after they come back from school. Now Lisa sleeps downstairs so I'm convinced she will want a sleep-over upstairs tonight, and who blames her, I wouldn't sleep down there until that thing is caught!
We have to wear shoes or socks, no bare toes or flip flops...

I just hope the rat will go in the trap very quickly (a live trap, no killing) as Abby wants to pet him and hold him!!! The exterminator explained to her, no holding the rat, but she just wants to see him, she told him.

Well, the story will be continued, I will have to cancel the play-date in my house tomorrow. I don't want to stress over this rat deciding if he/she is going to join in on the play-date or not!

Oh and then April fools or not?? I rang my husband on his work phone, cell phone and send him an email. Left voice-mails... After 1.5 hours he decides to ring me back and says, this isn't an April fool's joke then???
Well, I guess the rat couldn't have picked a better day to come out, right?


Kristie said...

Oh no! That would totally gross me out too! I hope they can catch him/her quick! Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful rat-free Easter! :-)

Jackie said...

Oh...I feel so bad for you! I hate rodents of any kind. Last summer we had a rat in our backyard. Didnt like having him there...couldnt imagine it in the house. Hope you catch her soon!