PicPocket Books for the iTouch

With both of my older kids on the Cascadia Swimming team, Abby and myself sometimes have to sit on the bleachers for a while during practice.
Normally we walk but when it rains I try to keep her busy.

I was happily surprised when I was contacted by PicPocket Books to try out some of their picture books for the iPhone, iTouch. Children ages 2-8 can now enjoy their favorite stories on the go.

About PicPocket Books:

PicPocket Books brings quality children’s picture book literature to digital media. Now, children can enjoy their favorites stories on-the-go, even when they do not have a physical book to read.

PicPocket Books offer a unique and new experience, combining the beauty of quality picture books with audio recordings and interactive visual text. This combination enables independent enjoyment for children regardless of reading level, subtle support for early readers, and nostalgic fun for adults.

Whether standing in a grocery line, taking a car trip, or waiting in a doctor’s office, PicPocket Books provide personal, interactive story experiences. The books can be downloaded with one click or tap, and provide educational and entertainment value to children and adults alike.

Your PicPocket Book is a perfect complement to regular story time with parents or grandparents, and a gentle alternative to flashy, fast-paced digital media time.

I was send the following Apps to try out with Abby:
  • Oh, Crumps
  • Cucumber Soup
  • I Can Do It Too
  • Peterkin Meets a Star
  • Tractors
"I Can Do It Too" by Karen Baicker, illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max
Age: 4-8
This is the story of a little girl who wants to do things too!
Like her dad pouring juice and never spilling a drop or grandma who bakes a chocolate cake. Or her sister who puts on her clothes by herself. Plenty of situations that kids want to do too!

This reminds me a little of Abby who started trying to do everything by herself!

"Oh, Crumps" by Lee Bock, illustrated by Morgan Midgett.
Age: 6-10
This is the story of farmer Felandro who has to get some sleep as he has plenty of chores to do the next morning.
As the farmer tries to fall asleep he keeps getting up to tend to the goats, the dogs, the cows...
Abby's a little young for this one as it reads the text to you and she's more into the interactive stories. Jamie loves this one more.
This book has hidden sounds in it!

"Peterkin Meets a Star" by Emilie Boon, Age:2-5
This book is a sweet story of a little boy who takes a winter walk in the snow, and plucks a star out of the sky to take home. This story is told with colorful images and simple sentences and is perfect for small children.
What's also great about this story is that you can touch the sparkling star and it snows in the story.

Abby loves this one a lot as it has a cute little bunny!!

"Cucumber Soup" by Vickie Leigh Krudwig, illustrated by Craig McFarland Brown. Age: 4-8
This is the enchanting tale about a community and teamwork from the perspective of ants.
Children will learn about working together and how to count. The story involves other insects (ladybugs, spiders, bees...) and a giant cucumber. The story goes on and explains also about the importance of insects and what influence they have.
And the fun thing? There's a recipe at the end for cucumber soup!

"Big Stuff: Tractors" by Robert Gould. Age: 2-6
In this book, kids can check out tractors on the farm and at construction sites. Young children will love the huge wheels, heavy hitches.
I initially thought this App would be more for boys, but Abby actually likes this one as she can touch the tractors and they will make sound.

These books are not only great for on the bleachers but Abby has played with them in the car on the way to swim meets or a friends house!
For more books to download, check out the PickPocket Books website!

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Only $0.99 - $3.99 per Book.

To keep updated on new releases, check out their blog.
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Thanks PicPocket Books for the chance to review these books with Abby!

"Disclaimer: I was sent 5 PicPocket Books to use for this review. I receibved no other compensation and the opinions are solely mine and might differ from others!"

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