help needed!

Thanks to Kristie, I now know it's silly putty. I'm going to search on the web if there's a way to get this out but if you know any way, lease let me know.

Our local grocery store has a treasure chest for when the kids help out their parents in the store and/or behave good, they can pick out a little gift.
Abby picked out this easter egg with some kind of play-doh in it and she asked her dad if she could sleep with it at night.
Can you guess what's coming???
Yep, the play-doh melted all over her bunny. I already put it in the freezer but to no avail, can't get it off. Should I try and wash it in the washing machine? Has this happened to you, what can I do to get it out?


Kristie said...

Oh no! I wish I knew what to say to help. I would try the washing machine, though, as long as the bunny is washable. I know play-doh comes out of my kiddos clothes in the wash. Good luck! :-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Would Goo Be Gone work? It might be too strong.

Krissy @ ArtsyMom said...

My daughter did that too. I used the cold cycle in the washing machine and it did help.

Sky said...

I'd washing it in the washing machine too. However, I'd wash it in a pillowcase. Maybe throw a couple of wash cloths in for a little something to rub around.

Keep us updated!