update on potty training

Oh I can't wait to let you all know, this potty training has been SUPER easy.
We're in underwear now, no more pull-ups during the day, we only had 2 little accidents where Abby was 2 seconds too late to get to the potty (so not even full accidents) and I think tonight we're going to try to sleep without a pull-up too as he pull-ups have been dry in the morning anyway.
The secret to our success, gummy bears and lollipops! I wanted to buy charts and stickers and we actually got a timer but we only used the timer 2 days as she will tell me now when it's time. So no need to get the stickers and chart.
At 2,5 years old Abby's potty training has been as easy as my oldest Lisa when she was 2,5.
Let's see if it lasts!